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Good day everyone!
I am a frequent purchaser of Kroger's "on sale" flowers! My store always has a bin of discounted flowers, and I love to buy some and keep a fresh bouquet in my kitchen. I love getting them started in my home vase: Cut the ends off the stems and pour in the food packet. Then, as I understand it, each day or so, cut the stems again (at an angle I believe) and put in fresh water. They will last a long time!
I have also heard other things you can do to keep your flowers fresh: remove submerged leaves, drop in an aspirin, a shot of vodka, apple cider vinegar, bleach, coins, and sugar are all supposed to increase shelf life of the flowers! (Please consult your own florist before trying any of these at home! lol). I love fresh flowers!! I love the color, I love to stop and smell those flowers, and I love the wide variety any flower shop will sell. I love color and we are in the fall season of color, to be sure!
I wonder how we might keep your spiritual lives "fresh?" What do you do to keep God new and fresh in your life? I hope you have some things because otherwise it's easy to feel stale and worn down and out. You and I have to make some moves, we have to "do" something for our spiritual lives to stay fresh! 
An obvious, easy way is to attend services as you can. When you cannot watch live or later on Facebook or our websites. Read Scripture from your phone, Bible or a devotional booklet. In early November, the churches will again distribute Advent devotional booklets for your personal use. These everyday devotional booklets are right there at church on the table as you come in and out. Stop and pick one up, read it, highlight, underline, attend Faith Formation Sunday nights or the midweek Bible study and jump in. There are many ways to stay fresh in your spiritual walk with the Lord, pick one and watch your life bloom in Christ!!
1) Next Food Pantry at Faith is Friday, Oct. 7, 5-7, and the next Clothes Closet at St. Andrew's is Saturday, Oct. 8, 10-1
2) Chili cooks make plans: dust off your chili recipes and get ready for our next 5th Sunday Joint Worship at St. Andrews, on Sunday, Oct. 30th, Reformation Sunday, at 10 a.m. This service will be followed by a chili cook off, bring your best recipe or something to pitch in and stand by for more information.
3) Christmas is only 90 days away, give or take! As you make family plans, please note Christmas Eve is a Saturday and services will be:
Faith Lutheran: 5 p.m.  (Faith Council voted to move their "standard" later service to 5 instead)
St. Andrew's:  7 p.m.
**Christmas Day, Sunday the 25th, Festival of the Nativity, 10 a.m. service for both churches at St. Andrew's