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Some days when I have evening commitments, I like to come to Panera Bread restaurant and work during the day. I love being able to people watch, have some delicious soup, and get some things done. I notice the variety of people in the world today, the door dash rep rushing out but holding the door for an older woman, the couple having lunch buried in their respective phones, the friends uniting and having lunch rapidly catching up and the young, hip people like myself working on laptops. It's the world, it's full of God's people of all colors, shapes, sexes, cultures and everything in between. 
Speaking of a wide variety of God's people, our Speedway community is rapidly changing all around us. Fellow Speedway ministers are already seeing refugees and asylum seekers, several have folks from other countries using their facilities and worshipping with them. For us as St. Andrews Lutheran we will need to figure out how to adjust/shift/change to adapt to the changing reality around us. God will continue to lead, provide and equip just as God has done these past 80 years!
1) Clothes Closet this Saturday, 11/12, 10-12! Come over and visit with Pat and I and help us serve our community!
2) Wheeler Elementary feeding families is Nov. 16, and your financial donations are needed and welcomed!
3) Thanksgiving Community service hosted by St. Andrews, Sunday, the 20th, 7 p.m. 
God be with you until we meet again!